According to the Huffington Post, the most common resolution is to lose weight. Although it is similar, my goal is a little different. I want to eat nourishing food and drink eight glasses of water. I want to excersize and keep a positive mindset. My goal isn’t to change my appearance, but to do things I know are good for me.


I have learned a lot by starting a blog. I have strengthened my love for writing while also being able to interact with other people with similar passions. I am so thankful to have made so much progress in such a small amount of time and I am truly thankful for everyone who reads my blog.


I am a Journalism major at Arizona State University. In this field, making connections is fundamental to growing a career. Last December, I toured the Minneapolis Star Tribune and met with an editor to talk about the field. I want to interact with other journalists in 2018.


Since a young age, I have always loved being around people.  People are constantly moving in at ASU so I want to socialize more.


I got my first DSLR as a graduation gift. Since then, I have done a couple of photoshoots for my friends and I really want to improve. Along with my photography, I would like to improve my writing.



Hello everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Since we only have a few days before the new year I wanted to share with you a few of my favorites for this season.


Moving to from Wisconsin to Arizona was not only a huge transition for me mentally, I had to adjust to a completely different climate. The combination of dry heat and hard water has taken a toll on my body and has forced me to change my hair and skincare routines. My grandma and aunt have sworn by Bath and Body Works’ True Blue Super Rich Body Cream and have used it for years. I was so happy to receive this as a gift since most lotions are not affective under the weather conditions in Arizona. It feels super smooth to the touch and also works well as a night moisturizer when I am planning to wear makeup the next day. This product has really changed the game for me. Also, let me know if you guys would like a skincare or a curly hair routine post!


I am always a big fan of self expression. It is important to find the things that make you feel unique and beautiful. Since high school, I have been accustomed to wearing jewelry and have fallen in love with hoop earrings. Prior to Christmas, I had a gold pair and a set of small silver hoops. I really liked the larger pair my grandma got me from Nordstrom. I am not sure of the brand, but I am sure you can find a similar pair at any department store!


Make-up has been one of my biggest hobbies since I began high school. I love using it as a medium for self expression and as an outlet for my creativity. My roommate surprised me with an Ulta gift card and I am very excited to shop and make more beauty-related posts. Ulta has been expanding and there are now many new cosmetic and skincare brands to choose from. Please comment and let me know what type of content you would like to read!


1. Lulu’s: Wine Red Backless Sweater Dress ($58) // 2. Lulu’s: Gold Layered Choker Necklace ($13) // 3. GS Love: Go This Way Ring + Chain Wallet ($9.99) // 4. Lolashoetique: Here Now Mocha Suede ($31.99)

Christmas is around the corner and I have been contemplating what to wear for the night. I hope you like this look I have compiled and have a wonderful time with friends and family!

1.  When I think of Christmas I think of deep, warm colors. I wanted to reflect that in this outfit and aimed to make this wine-colored dress the star of the show. I wanted it to still look classy yet have a little flair to change things up. It features a low-cut triangular back: a little sultry but still family-friendly.  Depending on the climate, a pair of would look great too!

2. I like to pair warm tones together. For jewelry, I made sure to pair the warm-toned dress with a gold necklace. The sweater has a high neckline and I figured a long necklace would add interest. It features  three tiers of metallic gold chains with bar pendents at the middle. Even if it is not worn with this outfit I think this necklace is a flattering piece.

3. I thought a camel-colored clutch would go nicely with the dress. Again, I chose warm colors and I liked the chain detailing on the side. The clutch has a magnetic closure so your items will stay secure. You can purchase this clutch from http://gslovesme.com and there is a discount code! You can use the code BELLES30 to save 30% off of your purchase. Also, if you spend over $50 you can also get free shipping!

4. To finish off the look, I paired the clutch with boots in a similar color. I really love wearing boots in the colder months and I thought these would be a nice addition. They feature a thick heel so they will be easier to walk in. These boots are covered in soft suede and also feature a gold zipper on the side.




November 12, I was invited with Arizona State University’s Fashion Journalism Club to the Madewell event at the Scottsdale Fashion Square.  With a warm invitation, we were encouraged to take a look at the  new launches for the winter/fall season. As a first-time shopper at Madewell, I left with a pretty good impression. The sweaters felt very soft to the touch and everything I tried on was great quality.  We even found a few steals while browsing! Some of the socks were under $6 and the ENTIRE jewelry section was on sale.

I figured that I would post the favorite item I bought while I was there. It’s an oversized shirt with “au revoir” printed in red lettering meaning “until we meet again.” I like the way shirts like this look tucked into light to medium washed jeans.  

Overall, I had a great experience at the event. It was so much fun to look at the new clothing available for this season. Thank you for the opportunity Madewell!