1. You can overcome any obstacle

In May, 2017, I graduated high school. It had been a long four years with many ups and downs. Senior year was difficult but I achieved my goals.

2. College is not as hard as it seems

Moving from Wisconsin was a huge transition. I was intimidated knowing I would have to start completely over. Yet, I did well and made many friends

3. Relationships come and go

This was one of the most important lessons I learned this year. We meet many people throughout our lives and although some relationships are temporary, other friendships last.

4. Don’t let stress overwhelm your life

It can be easy to let your stressors dominate your thoughts. Remember, it is only temporary and you WILL make it through.

5. Don’t underestimate yourself

Last semester in my journalism class, we learned that humans are awful at predicting the future. Five years ago I never pictured myself being where I am today.  If you try to be optimistic and work your hardest it’s hard to dissapoint.

6. Surround yourself with the people you want to be like

It’s said that we are the average of the five people we are around the most. College gives you a lot of freedom and with so many choices to make it can be overwhelming. Choose your friends wisely.

7. Make connections

Never be hesitant to meet new people. Knowing certain people can bring you a lot of opportunities!

What did you learn in 2017? Post in the comments!

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Hello everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Since we only have a few days before the new year I wanted to share with you a few of my favorites for this season.


Moving to from Wisconsin to Arizona was not only a huge transition for me mentally, I had to adjust to a completely different climate. The combination of dry heat and hard water has taken a toll on my body and has forced me to change my hair and skincare routines. My grandma and aunt have sworn by Bath and Body Works’ True Blue Super Rich Body Cream and have used it for years. I was so happy to receive this as a gift since most lotions are not affective under the weather conditions in Arizona. It feels super smooth to the touch and also works well as a night moisturizer when I am planning to wear makeup the next day. This product has really changed the game for me. Also, let me know if you guys would like a skincare or a curly hair routine post!


I am always a big fan of self expression. It is important to find the things that make you feel unique and beautiful. Since high school, I have been accustomed to wearing jewelry and have fallen in love with hoop earrings. Prior to Christmas, I had a gold pair and a set of small silver hoops. I really liked the larger pair my grandma got me from Nordstrom. I am not sure of the brand, but I am sure you can find a similar pair at any department store!


Make-up has been one of my biggest hobbies since I began high school. I love using it as a medium for self expression and as an outlet for my creativity. My roommate surprised me with an Ulta gift card and I am very excited to shop and make more beauty-related posts. Ulta has been expanding and there are now many new cosmetic and skincare brands to choose from. Please comment and let me know what type of content you would like to read!